“I can’t really express sufficiently what a kind, empathetic, and caring person Justin is. Justin doesn’t see people as manualised or a diagnosis, he sees people. I would recommend Beach Therapy to anyone, including my friends and family."

Linda B.


“Before speaking to Justin, I was slightly hesitant about the idea of working with a man. After speaking to him by video call (we used Zoom), he immediately put my mind & heart at ease & I trusted him from the very beginning. Justin is a gentle soul. To be honest, I was also a bit skeptical of having Beach Therapy Online through Video, but after the first session, I was hooked by both the approach of Beach Therapy as well as the medium of Video sessions. As a Mom with a young toddler, I loved the convenience of not having to travel for sessions. This was a huge relief for me.

I have made several important changes in my life as a result of working with Justin and have benefited greatly from Beach Therapy. as well as from Justin's gentle guidance. He was very collaborative throughout & I loved how he was able to tailor the sessions to exactly what I needed at the time. I always felt like he had my best interests at heart.”

Gianna D



“Thank you for transporting me daily to a place of calm - from hectic Motherland to the beach in a few clicks ... bliss!!! Checking in @beachtherapy every day when it's my daughter's naptime - sets me up so nicely to appreciate the break. Thank you”

Asmita P


“Part of my daily process includes checking the site while I enjoy my coffee. The questions posed are mindful. I’m looking forward to a vacation in Hawaii so I can share the experience face-to-face. In the meantime, online access is perfect for me.”

LizBeth C


“Loving the online beach therapy. Since it may be some time before I can physically get to the beach. Thank you”

Wendy W


“Absolutely love Beach Therapy! Keeping the aloha long after you leave paradise!"

Maryilyn F



“I started my Maui vacation off with a virtual Orange (Calm) Beach Therapy session with Justin. (Spoiler Alert - It was AMAZING!)

I immediately liked Justin and felt comfortable telling him all about why I needed Calm in my life (it look some time).

One session can change your life! I've been continuing my practice at home, especially when I need a "mommy time out." I can't wait to try other colors and continue to grow. Mahalo for everything, Justin!!”

Amy L



“Ah Beach Therapy! I love the beach and this beautiful website helps share the wonders of the beach in Hawaii. I became ill with pneumonia earlier this year and was unexpectedly admitted to hospital. I was suddenly dependent and unsure what was happening, which thankfully turned out to be nothing much we didn't already know but it was scary.

One night I was feeling particularly vulnerable and weak but suddenly the clear waters of a recent beach therapy image came into my mind. I could see the pale ocean so clear the sand was visible under foot, I could hear the gentle splash of the waves foaming in the bubbling sand and shingle I felt calm and could even feel the warm breeze and sun on my skin. Amazingly it made me feel better. I have made a good recovery now and am grateful to beach therapy for coming to my rescue when I needed it!!”

Elana M


“Just what I need at a difficult time - brings me inner peace and helps me to stay in the moment.” – Justin is an incredible man.”

Angela M


“A soothing oasis of calm and beauty by an amazing coach”

Rosa H


“When we think of relaxing places, our minds always go to the calm of the beach. Thank you for this new way to find relaxation whenever we need it.”

Marge B