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Don’t you hate that end of the beach vacation sadness? I do. Counting down the days until real life returns & then counting down the days until you get to feel happy again (the next vacation). Most of us spend more time planning our vacations than we do our lives. Life doesn’t have to be about must post selfies, to do lists or bucket lists. On some level, we all know, this isn’t living. There is more.

What if long lasting meaningful life change didn’t have to take months & could even be fun? What if change were easy? It can be.

Imagine learning how to take the feelings & healings that you experience at the Beach with you wherever you go and keep on feeling good. You can. We call this Beachfulness™.

Now, imagine yourself in this very moment feeling kind, calm, smiling, growing, connecting & being in touch with your spirit, regardless of whether you are in the rain or seeing a Rainbow. You can. We call this journeying to your Rainbow Self™.

In order to understand Beach Therapy, I would like to tell you a little bit about my personal & professional story. By the way, I’m Justin, the Creator & super grateful Owner of Beach Therapy®. It’s really nice to meet you. Thank you so much for visiting & listening.

When I was 22 I had an experience that transcended words. I was visiting Hawai’i for the first time and to be honest, for the first few days, though I was in Hawai’i, I didn’t feel like I was in paradise at all. Unfortunately, my emotional baggage was shipped ahead waiting for me in my hotel room. I was stressed. When I finally gave up on trying to enjoy Hawai’i & resigned myself to being depressed & stressed even in Paradise, on my supposed ‘vacation’, I let go and gratiously the Beach & Hawai’i opened its heart to me & my suffering. Without trying, I suddenly felt peace. I felt at one with myself, with everyone around me, and with Life. It was amazing. For years, I lived for Beach vacations, hoping that I would experience this again, & to be honest, it was hit or miss. Sometimes I did, sometimes I didn’t.

Fast forward professionally, I got a masters in School Counseling in the US, worked as a School Counselor, moved to London, did more training than should legally be allowed & became an accredited CBT Therapist & Registered Mental Health Counselor in the UK. Even though I was helping people & loved the work I did, London had no beaches and the winters had little sun.

I struggled a lot.

Fast forward a few years. I discovered applied neuroscience & completed an intensive year long course for therapists that taught us how to understand our human brains, emotions & train our minds. We literally learned how to rewire our own brains! How cool is that? My whole life changed.

My personal mind training focused on the Beach (of course) and I learned to feel the peace that I felt when I was 22, anywhere, and at will. I learned how to use my mind and body to put myself on a mental beach and I felt a lot better. You could say I became Beach Therapy’s very first client before there even was Beach Therapy and remain a happy client to this day. Then it all came together. I love the Beach. I love people. I love helping people love the Beach & I love helping people learn to be kind to themselves, each other and our planet. Beach Therapy was officially born & the rest is history. I started sharing the specific Beach Therapy techniques with people I worked with as well as colleagues & they felt a lot better too. Amazingly it didn’t take a lot of time at all.

The growing body of Beach Science is very clear. Being on a Beach is fantastic for us. The Neuroscience is also very clear. We can train our minds & change our lives. We can learn to access the Beach within & Become our Rainbow Selves too.

  • 14 Years practice, 12,000 hours experience helping over 2000 people
  • Life / Wellness Coach – Completed BCC Board Certified Coaching Training with Center for Coaching Excellence
  • Compassionate Mind Trainer– I have completed a one year intensives Post Graduate Certificate (PG Cert) in Compassionate Mind Training at Derby University, There are very few universities worldwide that offer this kind of advanced specialist training. At present there are estimated to be only 60 clinicians worldwide who hold this credential of expertise.
  • Mental Health Counsellor & Psychotherapist – Fully Accredited (MBACP & Registered) in the UK by the BACP (British Association for Counselling & Psychotherapy). Registered with all major insurers in the UK.
  • CBT Therapist – Fully Accredited & Recognized in the UK by the BABCP (British Association for Behavioural and Cognitive Psychotherapies).
  • Master’s Degree in School Counseling – Cambridge College, MA
  • Advanced Diploma in Existential Psychotherapy – Regent’s University, London, UK
  • Post Graduate Diploma in CBT – Reading University, Reading, UK